English <-> French Talking Electronic Dictionary Partner EF900 Deluxe

Partner EF900 Deluxe - English <-> French Talking Electronic Dictionary

Partner EF900 Deluxe - English <-> French Talking Electronic Dictionary

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Unsurpassed Translation

With a massive 495,000 entry English <-> French Translating Dictionary, an easy to use  39 language translating Picture Dictionary, and complete English explanatory dictionary, the remarkable new EF900 contains everything you need for superior translation and accurate communication. Exclusive User Dictionaries allow you to store your own
personalized lists of frequently used words and a history function remembers your most recent translations to provide instant access to the information you need to understand and be understood.

ECTACO Company

ECTACO Company

Scan and Read Translation

Using the included Ectaco/C-pen  Handheld Scanner you can grab any text wherever you find it. Simply scan the text you want from any paper surface – a book, newspaper,
doctor’s prescriptions or a poster on the wall and you will see the scanned text on the screen. You will then be able to upload it to ECTACO translator in order to get an instant translation of individual words. In addition, with the help of the included mini-USB to USB adapter and ECTACO software (sold separately) you can use the Ectaco/C-pen to import image data to your desktop or laptop PC as well.

Advanced Speech Capabilities

Delivering flawless voiced output of all the words in its  enormous database with True Voice human pronunciation, the EF900 offers a unique chance to improve your pronunciation by hearing how a native speaker says a word  or phrase. A pre-recorded word list provides access to the dictionary’s spoken  entries. The world’s most advanced English Speech Recognition modules let you speak into the device in your own language and get an instant, hands-free translation that can be spoken out loud in the target language.

Dependable Audio PhraseBook

A fully functional talking, translating Audio PhraseBook  provides you with all the words and phrases you need to communicate in almost any situation. Divided into 15 easy to navigate topic areas, it includes 14,000 phrases so that there’s nothing you won’t be able to say. Simply select a category, press the ‘Say’ button and the translator speaks the phrase fluently in the language of your choice.

Successful Language Study

One of the most effective methods ever designed for language  study, it employs the advanced True Voice and Speech Recognition modules and step-by-step lessons to guide you comfortably from beginner to advanced speaker. With a full set of enjoyable games and exams, you improve your language skills naturally and intuitively. In addition, with the unique Word-of-the-day utility, a Memorize splash screen appears when starting an application to show you a useful word or phrase, a translation and a corresponding picture. It’s an excellent way to improve your vocabulary and master a foreign language!

Loaded With Extras

The EF900 offers the most sought-after extras to make every  trip you take more enjoyable. The included jetBook Reader lets you read and  translate your favorite e-Books. A handy Voice Recorder lets you record  conversations and audio notes and the built-in Video Player supports .avi, .wma,  .wav, .ogg, .jpg and .png audio, video, and image formats so you can access your  favorite media files anytime, anywhere. EF900 also includes a Calendar, a World Time clock, Metric Conversion, and a Calculator keep you organized to save you time and money.

Complete Support

Easy to navigate and astonishingly responsive, the customizable and intuitive Windows CE powered interface offers instant access to the information you need quickly, easily and dependably. A Smart Virtual Keyboard with Audio interface and layout for both languages complete the built-in support that makes the EF900 different from all the rest.

ECTACO Company

ECTACO Company

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